Your Phone or Your Friends?

As the years go by, I have found this the saddest and most annoying development: Smart Phones. Yes, I love smart phones and being to able to access everything from there. However, I love my friends more…way more.

It is no secret that teenagers and kids socialise less these days due to the increasing technology. You might call texting socialising, but I don’t.

We can talk, laugh and move for a reason. And yet I come to school and see five people sitting on a bench, each staring at their own little screen, in their own little world. I find it such a sad sight and I really think that we should worship our friends and talk, share stories and have fun together. We can be on our phones at home or when we’re alone. And I am sure, there will be that one time where you really need your friend, and wouldn’t it be a shame if you’re not close to each other anymore?

We are in a world where technology is absorbing us, but we have the power to say NO to playing on our phones instead of talking to the person next to us.

Next time, make a choice. Phone or Friend?

I saw this video, and it fits perfectly to this. Please watch :)

4 thoughts on “Your Phone or Your Friends?

  1. Technology has taken over in so many different areas of everyday life! It’s quite alarming actually! I fear that soon, we wont even know how to hold face to face conversations anymore!! :/

  2. On a recent trip to London, I had the chance to catch up with some old friends. Nobody had their phone out on the table in the restaurent, nor took their phone out for the entire time we were all together. It was beautiful.

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