Your life is full of success stories

successSuccess…that’s a word I’m all too familiar with. There comes a point in life where success almost seems unachievable and too far away. Sometimes it feels like success is only for the wealthy or super smart people and not for average and ‘normal’ people.

Though I have found that the perception one has on success determines how successful you end up being. You don’t believe me? – Well then let’s look at the definition of success the oxford dictionary gave me:

  • 1 the accomplishment of an aim or purpose:
  •  the attainment of fame, wealth, or social status
  •  [count noun] a person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains fame, wealth,
  • 2 archaic the good or bad outcome of an undertaking:

There are two ways of seeing success, even in the dictionary – either it means achieving your desired aims, or achieving fame and wealth. The thing is, we often categorise success as getting paid high salaries, being famous, having that big house we’ve always dreamt of. And as a teenager, I sometimes even believe that…I want to be successful, meaning I want to have a high profiting business. However, I’ve tried to change my perspective and see success at “accomplishment of an aim or purpose”. My aim in life is to inspire people, have I done that? – Yes, I have started with my blog: SUCCESS!

Now, you might not have achieved what you wanted in life, but that doesn’t change the fact that you have tons of success stories already! Can you walk, talk or eat properly, compared to when you were a child? Yes? Well, then that’s a big SUCCESS. Those are not easy tasks but you didn’t give up and did it anyway. Can you drive? Can you read and write? Maybe you can do something that others can’t, or you have achieved awesome school results. Whatever it is, I would not believe a single person in this world who says that they haven’t been successful.

Once you start seeing success in that way, a whole other world opens up for you. You believe that you can create many more success stories and you will believe in yourself. That is where all your life dreams can be created, because it’s the right attitude.

So next time, think before complaining that you haven’t been successful yet ;) And if you want to be yet MORE successful, then think about changing your perception!

Have a successful day,

Ula :)

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