Your Happiness is Your Choice

happiness is a choiceOften we think that happiness comes with things, that the more we have, the happier we are. This kind of thinking is very shallow and it is false. The only reason why we relate happiness to things is because when we receive or buy something new, we feel that initial spurge of contentment and satisfaction of finally having it.

But think about it: Once you have had that thing for a while you’ll get bored of it, or be so used to it that you take it for granted. It no longer makes you happy. However, if you were to lose it, you will most probably be unhappy or sad.¬†

It is not very helpful to base our feelings on things, or even on people. Only when happiness comes from within, it is true happiness. It is the only way it will last and give you a sense of fulfilment.

How do you get that happiness from within? – It’s simple. It takes one choice, one decision. You simply have to decide to be happy with anything and everything. Simply said, not so easily done.

If you are in a situation which does not go according to your plan, you can still be happy. Find the positive in it, there is surely one thing. However, you will only find it if you look for it and do your best at ignoring or changing the part of it you dislike.

The better you get at making the best out of situations, the more happy you allow yourself to be.