Your Dream Is There. Just Grab It.

So, and the second day is over. How do I feel? As though my body went through a washing machine over and over, like I was hanging on a rope for hours with my bare hands and as though I just ran a marathon. At this moment, I am too tired to do anything but fall asleep. But even that is proofing difficult with all my bruises and sore spots on my shoulders and hip joints.

Pain and exhausts aside, I feel amazing. Do you know the feeling you get why you have been working for something halft your life, have been told by teachers, friends and adults that you cannot achieve it, but then you do it anyway?Well, that is how I feel after my second day at Dance School. I kind of still can't believe it, but I am actually studying dance. Every day, 6 hours a day, pure dance. It is so empowering to have achieved one of my biggest dreams. I know the soreness will be gone next week - or at leas I hopse so - as my body gets used to the high strain and athletic exertion it must endure. For that, my body, I love you very much. You can do this!

Being in this position now, I know why I never gave up, didn't listen to people's advice telling me to just go to university and give up my dream. It was definitely worth it. And this is just the second day! I have three more years to go, woohoo!!