You are good enough if you think you are

I had an experience myself the other day. I was playing basketball, and I was the only girl in a team of boys. Now, they were all amazing players, much better than I ever could be. Though I love basketball and I always characterise it as the only sport apart from dance that I am good in. So, as the game begun I thought to myself something like this: ‘Omg, they are so good, they won’t even consider passing to me and this will be the most boring and perhaps most humiliating game ever’. I never got the ball. I was always free, but the guys didnt pass to me. I kept messing up whenever I did get it.

Anyway, I then decided to change my thinking, it wasn’t worth being negative. It went something like this: ‘Come on Ula, you can do this. I know you love basketball and I know how good you can be if you want to. Who cares what they think, be confident, start running and get that ball. i believe in you.’ What happened then seemed a miracle.
They passed me the ball. Instead of passing it on, I ran, ran towards the basket, and scored. My team was like, woahh. I was proud. From then on, it went on. I don’t know how often I scored, but it was a lot. They kept passing and including me in the game, they believed in me. And it all started with me believing in myself. This reminded me of a quote I once read.

“It’s not who you are that holds you back. But who you think you are.”

Talent does not start in your ability of your body or muscles, it starts in your mind.