You Are Beautiful – The Way You Are

Recently I stumbled upon this video about how the media tells us women how to look, what to wear and what to eat. Even though we have the freedom to choose what to do with our bodies, these ads convey such a strong message and make it practically impossible not to listen to them – that’s what they are made for.

We’re supposed to be skinny and tanned, have shiny hair, smooth skin and a thigh gap. But in order to have this, we need all kinds of beauty products or diets. It almost feels like we are forced to go through all this in order to be accepted in society.

Yet, I want to tell you that we still HAVE control and the choice. We don’t have to follow what the ‘rules’ say. If we were all happy with the bodies we have, then everything is alright, then we won’t feel awful or sick because of some kind of diet.

Obviously, it’s not physically possible for every single woman out there to look the way the media says she should. So, I encourage YOU to LOVE your body – the way it is naturally. There’s nothing wrong with eating healthily and taking care of our skin and hair. However, there is an extreme, and dieting would be one them. Plus, it doesn’t really work, anyway.

Be yourself, accept yourself and be proud. Because you are beautiful the way you are.