You are a reflection of your attention

The inspiration from this post came from Frederik Dodson's "Parallel Universes of Self".

"If you put your attention on what is beautiful, you become more beautiful" ~ Frederik Dodson

Do you know the people who always complain, frown upon the weather and see the downside before they recognise the upside? Are you that person? If you pay close attention, you will often realise that these people tend to have a frown on their face or find it difficult to be motivated and moved by the wonders of the world.

When analysing more closely what occupies their field of view, it is clear that they tend to put their attention on the negative: "Oh no, it's raining, that totally killed my mood" or "Ugh, it's Monday, again. That means work, again." Of course, there are times where it is difficult to focus on the positive, and everyone experiences those times, myself included. The difference lies in your automatic reactions. There are two sides to a coin, which side do you automatically lean towards?

The side of the coin you focus on reflects back at you in your life and on your body. Happy people are more attractive, that's no secret. And why are they happy? Because they choose to look at the beautiful side of things. And if something seems to only have a downside, they find ways to change that. This then reflects in their face and gives them that wonderful glow in their eyes and the constant, ever so slight smile.

I admit, I am a total sun fanatic. I automatically brighten up when the sun shines. Back in Asia, that was never a problem, because the sun was shining 98% of the time. Now that I live in Europe, I became very reactive to the weather - being happy when the sun is up and down when it rains. I decided that there needs to be a stop to this and I found reasons why rain is great, too. It means I get to sit at home, sip my tea and relax. Therefore, sunny weather is no longer a necessity to be happy, however it does brighten my mood even more now.

Not letting outside circumstances take control of you, but you taking control of your own reaction to them can have a tremendous positive effect. When it rains, you have the choice to focus on the fact that you can't go out, or you can be grateful for the rain watering your plants, and allowing you to enjoy lazy day in. There's countless of reasons why rain (and many other situations) can brighten your day.

Wishing you a passionate day,

~ Ula