Why you living your passion is best for humanity

"Following your dream opens doors to opportunities you could have never imagined." - Ula Wyss
“Following your dream opens doors to opportunities you could have never imagined.” – Ula Wyss

I’m going to keep this short, because it is very simple.

You have a dream, you have a passion. Now let’s say you are going to pursue it. You doing this hurts absolutely no one and has the capability to help everyone. Here is why:


  1. By doing what you love, you are happy and fulfilled. This makes you feel like your life has meaning and you start to see how beautiful life really is. Therefore, by being in this state of euphoria all the time, because you do what you love, you attract positive things into your life. It just keeps getting better from that point on.

  2. By being happy, you are more willing to help others. When we are in a positive state, we want to share this with others, and sharing this positivity allows the ones that haven’t achieved their passion yet take one more step towards it.

  3. Your passion is often something you do best, or at least very well. This means you are contributing something to this planet that you do well, not just mediocre. Meaning you’re providing quality, which can be very useful.

  4. By showing others that you can live your dream and be happy, you are encouraging them to jump onto the same boat. People follow the crowd, or at least most do. So if you start your life of passion, meaning and happiness, it’s going to attract people and they want to achieve the same. You are an inspiration!

  5. If we all do what we do best and love most, there is no need for hatred, theft and murder. The world would be a much more peaceful and cooperative place. And ultimately this is the reason why you following your dream is best for humanity.

My dream is to dance, because it brings me joy. So I dance every day, up to 15 hours a week. I also have a passion in helping others by inspiring, which is the reason for this blog and a few projects I am currently working on.

So what is your dream, and how are you achieving it?

Wishing you a passionate day,