Why Meditate?

Well….I have a really cool tipp to give you today – MEDITATE :))

I know I know..many don’t really have much time or just don’t wanna do it. Or maybe some of you already do it (congrats!). Anyways, I started Yoga a while ago now, and the last 20 minutes are always dedicated to meditation. You see, I wouldn’t meditate unless I’m in a group and told to do so, coz otherwise I am not motivated to. But what i have discovered is that Meditation is awesome! It kinda makes you feel like ur floating. And I always feel totally calm during and after meditation, like nothing in the world matters except for that moment, trust me, it feels amazing :) (I will start it in my own time too!)

Obviously, it helps to manage stress, to improve concentration and calms you down. Not only that, but it has loads of measurable benefits, affecting health, allergies and tension in muscles. Plus, it has psychological benefits, too, like decreasing anxiety and depression. I’ve done some research and all of the things I just said are stated on many websites. And if you want proof, I can give you proof, because I have definitely decreased my stress levels during the exam period and well, I think I meditate2did well :)

Therefore I can only recommend meditation. It’s pretty simple: you sit or lay down, in the most comfortable position you can be in without moving for about 10 min. Then you close your eyes and first start focusing on your breath, like you just observe it. Let it slow down and pay attention to your breath. Thats the first step, once you find you are relaxed and good at that, you can go further to focus on your third eye for example. If you want to know more, just go to the Contact Me page and ask me :)

~Being calm and relaxed is one of the greatest gifts of all.