Why Imagination Is Practically Real



There is this really cool tool – called visualisation. This basically means that you get into a deeply relaxed state through deep breathing or soothing music, and you picture whatever you want to. It can be your life situation, the way you want it to be, or something you want to have. You picture this and then feel how it would feel like, if it were real.

Now, the cool thing is that your brain does not know the difference between seeing something with your eyes, or seeing it in your imagination. Scientists have done experiments in which they told participants to look at an apple, while their brain was scanned. Then, they had to close their eyes and imagine the same apple. In the scans, the same area of the brain showed activity for either one of the conditions. Evidently, your brain does not know the difference between seeing with your eyes or mind. *

This technically means, that anything you can picture is in fact real. So, by visualising, you are telling your brain how your surroundings are, and with practice you will believe this more and more. And when you truly believe that it is real, things could start changing and looking more like your visualisation!

Vision Board

Now, the difficulty comes in when you can’t picture what it is you want – maybe because you’ve never had it. This is when finding images from magazines or the internet and pasting them on a large poster would help. This is called a Vision Board, and it is awesome. I made one a couple of years ago, and I have half of the things on it – of which I got many for free! It does help, because you determine what you want, for yourself, and the universe, and by making a Vision Board, or visualising, you allow yourself to have it.

Give it a go and give me some feedback of how it felt :)


*I heard about the experiment many times, and it was mentioned again in the movie “What The Bleep Do We Know”

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  1. Thanks for sharing wisdom through this post! The beauty of visualization is best originated with the audacity of dreaming. I am glad that you have given a scientific interpretation of visualizing being real but I think as human being we always remain ‘hopeful’ with the reality quotient of our dreams. May be I am mixing two different things but for me visualization, imagination and origin of dreams have a similar escape. You made me a bit thoughtful ;)

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