Why Challenges Are Great

People have always called me crazy. Crazy for doing a gazillion things at the same time, including things I initially don't know how or am not qualified to do. I always find a way to busy up every moment of my time, to learn something new or take up another challenge. Because as soon as one challenge is achieved, it gets boring, because the journey to the mountain top is complete. Yeah, the mountain top is beautiful, but you can only stay there for so long, before you get all nervous and itchy for something new ( or at least thats me ).

After contemplating what life is for and why we humans exist on this planet, I have come to the conclusion that the answer is so that we learn new things, experience an array of emotions, situations and relationships. Hence, when passing to the next part of life is near, we know we truly lived. We laughed,danced and celebrated, we cried, grieved and had anger outbursts. It all comes together and thats great. Thats the wonder of life.

Once I realised that life is here to experience everything, searching for new challenges became easy. What do you enjoy doing right now? What would you really want to do? You are not qualified? Doesn't matter. Find a way, and go for it. Or go for it, then you will find a way.

Perhaps this story will help - a true story by the way:
I am a ballroom dancer, however, 2 years ago I had not learned tango yet. Thats when my boyfriend at the time tells me that his school is looking for a tango teacher, as their orchestra is performing a couple of tango songs. He said the school had asked if I could teach it, and though he told them probably not, he still asked me ( he knew I couldn't tango). But me being me, I instantly said yes. I didn't think about it. All I knew was, I love dance, I love teaching. Plus i get paid to do my passion - perfect! It only occurred to me later, that I said yes to something huge. People were actually paying to come to the ball we were performing at. The ball was to take place in a 5 star hotel and we danced with a live orchestra! People were expecting us to be good. 

That's where I couldn't hide my fear anymore. "Like seriously, Ula, you're in your final year of high school, don't know any Tango steps and you are going to teach this to a group of teenagers - non-dancers - in a mere 10 weeks? Why don't you ever think about your decisions?" I thought to myself in despair. But, I had said yes, and it was too late to back out now. They were counting on me. 

So i spent the summer learning tango, from youtube, and a little from my dance instructor. Male and female steps, mind you. Then, my wonderful group of students and I had 10 weeks, of 1.5 hours per week to showtime, with them having even less dance experience than me. 

It was not easy, and I pushed my students a lot. And how we did it, I have no idea. I had such a strong belief and passion in my students and the performance, and I let them feel it, too. They gave me all they had, and I gave them all I had, and together, we performed 3 amazing Tangos. They blew me away, they were simply amazing. 

What I learnt from this story is that anything is possible. - IF you put your mind to it, believe it, and do it with all your heart. A challenge is exactly that, merely a challenge. And challenges exist to be overcome. 

I best overcome them by following my heart, and if something appeals to me, I say yes, before I get to think about it. As soon as I think about it, I can find all the reasons why it is a bad idea. So, by simply agreeing, I have to find a way to solve it, in whichever crazy, creative way that comes to me. 

What's my next challenge? 

And what's yours?