There are no limits.

Through education, our parents, teachers and life experience, we, as humans have been told that there are so called ‘boundaries’ or ‘limits’ as to what is possible to do and achieve. We are told by science, that it is physically not possible to run a certain distance under x minutes, orare told that only by working hard can we ever be happy.

The thing is, no single person knows the limit to anything. The world record book is outdated every year, because every year someone beats the old record. All we can do is beat the old ‘best’, but we do not know what the limit to that ‘best’ is.

Even happiness has no limit. There is no limit as to how happy a person can be, and there is certainly no user manual telling us that only by working hard we can be happy. All these rules and limits are imaginary, so that we can make sense of things.

I have personally experienced this before. I have made a decision to be happy about anything I can be, and ever since, I’ve been a genuinely happy person. No hard work or major success required in order to gain it. At the moment, I am going through another challenge, which I haven’t solved yet:

My biggest passion is dance, and more than once have I thought about taking it to a professional level and make it my career later on. And whenever I tell people, including my dance teacher, the first thing they ask me is ‘how long have you been dancing?’. Now here’s the catch – I only started when I was 12, and it was merely for fun, once a week. Right after they hear this, they tell me, nope, I’ve got no chance just because I lack training and I started ‘late’. I’ve heard it so many times that I gradually stopped believing that I can make it professionally, I lost confidence in myself a little.

I am doing my best, though, to release that belief, because I know that there are no boundaries to what one can or can’t do. On the other hand, this is really hard, because in all logic, I know that in order to ‘make it’ one has to start when they are 5 years old. You see, another imaginary rule book, only because in the average of all cases, dancers started young, and their career ended quickly. Based on this, apparently I have no chance, without even being able to try.

There are no limits, unless they are in your imagination.

Do you have a similar situation? Tell me about it in the comments. :)