The Unique Life Awareness Course

 Are you prepared to find out who you really are?

Do you want to explore what makes you tick and ignites your passion?

Are you ready to really know what path in life is uniquely yours achieve what you want and not what family, society and everybody else expects?  

If your answer is ‘Yes’, welcome to The Unique Life Awareness programme, a programme designed to empower you to be YOU as you activate your life compass for your next steps.


What is it about?


The Unique Life Awareness Programme is:

  • A 6-month Coaching & Development Programme for young adults aged 16 – 26
  • It consists of 4 Workshops and 4×1-1 Coaching sessions following a particular flow
  • The first programme invites 10-12 participants

What is in it for you?

  • It helps you to understand the depth of life & the foundational truths about happiness and what it means to be truly present
  • It teaches you fundamental orientations that are essential in everyday life: a positive attitude, your uniqueness and harmony within yourself
  • It promotes understanding within yourself of who you are and fosters self-acceptance
  • It empowers you to develop self-confidence in being your unique self
  • It shows you how to leverage your unique life experience in a positive way to achieve your goals successfully while bringing clarity into your life and the choices you make
  • It shows you how your unique upbringing can be positive one and when leveraged might be a big advantage in today’s world
  • It gives you the chance to be part of a positive group dynamic and support system. As we foster understanding, respect, appreciation for ourselves, we also to do so for others which builds strong, caring and encouraging relationships with each other


  • Right for the New Year, we start on January 20th, 2018 and finish in June


  • Workshop 1 (Foundations of Life)
    Sunday, 21st January
  • Workshop 2 (Foundations of Self)
    Saturday, 3rd February
  • One-on-One Coachings:
  • Workshop 3 (Creating Your Vision)
    Saturday, 14th April
  • One-on-One Coaching:
  • Final Workshop:
    Saturday, 12th May
  • Continual Support until June 20th, 2018

Course Language:

  • English
  • (I can support in German, as I am fluent)


Adress is to be confirmed. It will take place in central Munich.


599€* per person

200€ Deposit (non-refundable), monthly instalments of the remaining 400€ is possible

Early Bird: 519 € (registered and deposit paid by 30th November 2017)

*Price includes: Workshop and coaching fees, material costs, room rental, drinks and snacks


to register, please fill out this form,

for questions, feel free to contact me.



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