The Surprising Results Of My First 24-Hour Fast

So basically, I just fasted for 24 hours. Meaning I didn't eat a thing and my ingestion consisted of water and camomile tea. I could have never imagined doing this because I am someone who loves food, thinks about food and talks about food all the time. Plus, there have been times where after around 5 or 6 hours of not eating I would get dizzy and almost faint. So the mere fact that I fasted is a true surprise. However, I am glad I did it. Here's why:

Before I go into the why's, this is what I did:

9am - had my last meal (potatoes with cabbage and mushrooms)

Ignored all hunger feelings throughout the day and drank lots of tea and water instead

9am next day - had my first meal after 24 hours (small salad)

Not eating for a day can lead to many different realisations:

  1. We exaggerate the importance of food and think about it way too much. I have never gone a day without food before, and why would I? Meal time is the best part of the day! However, it also takes a lot of time of our day - now imagine you count in the time you think about food. So not only could we use our time more wisely by doing other stuff, but also by thinking about different things. Based on my calculation of having 3 meals a day of 20 min each, and taking a rough estimate of 1 hour a day needed to prepare those meals or wait in a restaurant for it, we spend about 31 day preparing and eating food. By also not having to think about what I am going to eat, I could set my focus on many other, important things.
  2. The body can handle much more than a day without food. As I decided that I would fast for a day, I thought oh my gosh, my poor body will be hungry all day. I was expecting to spend the day in bed due to a lack of energy and cringing in hunger. Well, I was wrong. My total time being physically hungry was probably 30 minutes, the rest of the time, it was emotional hunger. That means I was just craving food. But once the actual hunger stroke, I recognised the difference. Interestingly, I was only really hungry at around 6pm, 9 hours after my last meal. I felt like I could have gone on for another few days, it was much easier than expected.
  3. I felt a ray of clarity all day. I cannot explain why I felt this. What I felt was like nothing was blocking me and I could see and think clearly. It kind of felt like someone had taken a lot of weight off of my shoulders. Maybe the clarity symbolised the emptiness of my stomach. Or maybe it was the break my organs took, so my mind and soul could take over 100%. So I don't know why I felt that way, but I achieved it without meditating or doing something specifically for clarity - it just came as my stomach emptied more and more.

I can only say it was a great decision to fast for a day and I will do it more often. After reading more online I also found out that it can be very healthy. What I did, is I took the day off for myself and only did what I felt like doing in the moment - and that is a wonderful way to spend a day. It is liberating, de-stressing and fun. If I wanted to sleep, I slept, if I felt like going outside, I went out into the sun. I became so creative that I thought of a number of new ideas, because of the clarity I felt, so I can only recommend a 24 hour fast. 

Have you fasted before? And if yes, what were your feelings?

Have a wonderful day,