The power of Imagination

Last week was probably the most influential week in my life. I attended a seminar by Frederik Dodson, the author of multiple books on Reality Creation. I learnt things that I believe would be useful to many 20 year olds, as once you realise the wonders and beauties of life, it will only get easier and better from one day to the next. And as a 20 year old, you have your entire life ahead of you. 

Imagination is the source of everything. If you think about it, everything that exists today was once imagined first. It is through imagination that innovation occurs, and through imagining the possibility of something previously thought to be impossible that it is finally created. 

I undermined the power of imagination, as after all, it is simply a picture in my head - how on earth is that supposed to turn into something real? Honestly speaking, I still don't know how. But I do know that it works. Because whether I imagine a desired situation, or it actually occurs, I can be just as happy and excited with either. My brain doesn't recognise the difference. 

Plus, it is through the creativity of imagination you create new things and new ideas. What happens with these ideas after depends on whether or not you act on them and turn them into something physical. 

I do believe that it works - after all, I've been imagining myself as a professional dancer ever since I was 10. And now I am going to a professional dance school. Of course I also worked for it; but I would have never started without my image of me performing on stage in front of thousands of people. It is that picture in my head which is the driving force of my life. Every single day. 

Do you like to imagine? Do you have any stories showing the proof of imagination's power?