The Art Of Pure Intent

Morning Glory
To be able to constantly live and act in love, peace and freedom is beyond doubt my most desired goal in life. Last weekend, at a the workshop “The Art Of Pure Intent” by Sky Kho, I learnt incredibly simple and powerful tools to fulfil this. It took me on journey on which I got deeply inspired.

To my understanding, pure intent is when you make the decision to make a change out of pure love and forgiveness while completely trusting the process of change. Sky portrayed it as simple as taking a step from, for example, sickness to perfect health. It made me smile and give me the idea of printing footsteps on my bedroom floor and whenever I feel sad or angry, I could take a step from one to another and simply become happy.

If it is so simple, then why doesn’t everyone do this? It takes courage, that’s why. I know that when I am angry at something and tell myself that I am happy, I won’t let that happen because I feel like there is a good reason for my anger. Now I know that I simply don’t have the courage to let it go and let it be.

Going into some physics, we know that everything is made of energy. Everything, including us humans consist of atoms (also made of energy), the smallest thing in existence. Interestingly, an atom consists of 99 percent empty space. Hence, 99 percent of all life in the universe is made of nothing. And still, we believe that 1 percent that we can see, feel and know. We believe so much in that 1 percent, that we forget about the other 99 percent. According the Art of Pure Intent, that emptiness is energy of love, and if we would only recognise and believe in it, it would be more than enough to fill our 1 percent of reality with love and affection and change it forever.

I, too, used to only be aware of that tiny fraction in life, until I was told that all space around me consists of love. At that moment, something changed in me, I started recognising that love is present anywhere, at any time, in anyone. It’s just up to me, whether to see and embrace it or to ignore it. It is my choice. It is my right to choose if I want to see love in a person or their flaws and judge them for it. It is my right to choose how I perceive situations, relationships and everything around me. And that choice will directly impact my life.

When choosing to see love, evidently, all you are able to see is love. You attract it, according to the law of attraction, you reflect it and you live it. Whether you choose to or not, you are the creator of your own life. Every second, you send out a large number of thoughts, each with their own vibrational frequency. And since we know that everything consists of energy, anything with the same frequency will be attracted to you. Hence, what you give out you get back and you have created your life. Therefore, blaming someone else is not a rational decision, as you are the one who created the problem, not anybody else. The good news is, you have the power to turn your life around and create what you want – it’s that simple.

Once I knew this simple secret to life, I changed my thoughts, my visions, my goals. I changed it so quickly, that life turned around 180 degrees. Now I have come to the part where I want to start completely loving myself, my life, my thoughts and emotions. The simple solution comes with one question: Do you have the courage to accept your past and the unknown of your future? And it no longer sounds so simple.

During the workshop, I went through a great amount of contemplating about my life, questioning it and figuring out how to apply what I have learnt. At one point, I realised I was over thinking it, hiding the fact that courage was indeed the component I was missing. For some, it may take a second to change everything, for me, it is more like a journey taking one step at a time. But I am okay with it, because I am enjoying my journey, claiming back my power of my life and learning the art of pure intent.