That little Ego Voice

Today I will talk to you about that little voice inside of us, the one we all have, which I call the Ego Voice. It’s the voice inside you that tries to make you act for your own good, often leading to selfish actions. It stops you from doing what you really want to do because it thinks you are not capable enough. Now, I’m not saying blame this voice for everything, it’s a part of you after all. But you CAN overcome it an make your heart stronger than that voice. Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 17.51.20

The thing is, that voice is really stubborn. Say, your friend did something awfully mean to you. Usually, what 98% of the people do, is they either get in a fight or they secretly (or openly) get angry at their friend. This is because they don’t think that this friend now deserves any love or positivity. Plus, that voice will keep telling us ‘be mad at them, make them regret it, they don’t deserve any better’. Think of these thoughts that would go through your mind…not exactly nice ones, huh? However, what I am suggesting, is that you send that person your love, you smile at them, and you don’t let it get to you. And most of all, don’t let your ego voice bother you.

Why would you be nice to a person you dislike?

Think about it…

– What good does it do you to be angry? 

– Did this person just go through a major problem?

– Don’t you feel bad and sad if you keep thinking about it negatively?

I’m saying: see the positive in the situation, talk it out, and don’t leave the air steaming and hissing at whoever did you ‘harm’ because it will affect you more than them.

Don’t believe me? Try it out on someone you don’t like. Smile at them every day, send loving thoughts towards them, don’t take anything they do personally. If you give it some time, that person might just become your friend, rather than your enemy. ;)



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