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by Andressa Hoese on Ula Wyss, The Journeys of Life
Munich, Germany

Ula has many qualities, but "the one" that really and truthfully stands out for me is her eagerness. Whatever she sets her mind to, she has the determination to get it, no matter what. In a time that I myself lack that, she was able to, perhaps even unknowingly, inspire me to do the same. In addition to all usual traits a great coach is expected to have (i.e. committment, consistency, knowledge, tolerance, etc...), there are 2 main characteristics that for me are imperative. First: enough will power to accomplish their own projects and along the way share/ inspire that with their coachees to keep advancing on their own path to success. Second: the ability to see your potential when you have forgotten about your own talents. Ula has definitely both!

Munich, Germany

Ula is a really awesome coach and a lovely person.From the first moment I felt that she was taking me seriously so that I could open up myself. She creates a safe space for the clients and asks the right questions for them to find their true wishes and develop their ideas.It felt so natural to talk to her about my future and to go together on a journey to find my true wishes in life.Ula inspired me a lot so that I found many different aspects and ideas of how to follow that purpose of my heart. I got out of the sessions full of energy and inspiration, ready to go for my dreams!I am really impressed by Ula's talent to read people, to help them finding what they really desire and then to provide practical tools to come closer to their life's purpose.She never gives up on someone and I feel like she believes in everyone, as every person has an important role on this planet and a purpose why he/she is here.I am really happy that there are people like Ula who see that and don't give up to fight for these lives to be lived...

Kuala Lumpur 2016

The only way we know the benefits of coaching is through getting a session ourselves, and what I am exceedingly grateful with my sessions with Ula is how far we have come and what I have achieved through our time together.

Ula shows the qualities of a skilled coach by providing her perspectives and opinions, and encouraging and urging the coachee to expand beyond their comfort zone, yet, having a fine balance by allowing the coachee to only conduct themselves in a way and pace that they are comfortable in.
I absolutely cherish the space which was created in our sessions that allows me to expand comfortably as a person and at the same time, explore my boundaries , and develop beyond them.

What I love about having a coach is that, there is someone holding you accountable to what you need to do to move forward. So if a push is what you need, then this is where having a coach will definitely benefit you, and in my case, Ula Wyss is a perfect coach for me :)

Ula shows maturity beyond her years, and she is someone who has remarkable energy and passion for what she believes in and for what she loves to do.
A real inspiration for all, young and old. :)

by Patrick Imbacher on Ula Wyss, The Journeys of Life
Berlin 2016

Ula's coaching has pushed me to the edges of my potential. With her persistence to help and develop my skills and passions, Ula has the ideal tools for coaching other people.She can see things subjectively and helped me become the best version of yourself. For that I am grateful and can only recommend her.

Kuala Lumpur 2016

Working with Ula is such a relief. She demonstrates maturity beyond her years and a certain spark present in very few with a constant belief of 'can do'! It was easy for her to see things from another's perspective, making it an almost effortless communication between one who strives and one who coaches. I am certainly looking forward to working with her more!

Kuala Lumpur 2016

At end of April 2016, I was in the process of getting a Mutual Separation Scheme with the company I worked for 10 good years. I wasn't sure how things would turn out. I too had no ideas on how I am going to make a living there after. But, I was very clear that I want to leave this company.

In the midst of confusion, I bumped into a Facebook Post introducing about Ula and her coaching session. I decided to get coaching from her immediately.For I just wanted supports and opinions from someone who does not know me at all.

Session with Ula was always calm, warm and understanding. She gave a lot of space for me to share my thoughts, feelings and most importantly my deepest truth which most people are unwilling to accept. Besides that, she also offered practicle recommendations for me to work out.

It was through her understanding, unconditional acceptance, non-judgemental guides and comments, I found strenght in my scariest moment to take one step of a time to really unfold my personal gifts and passions for my next endeavor.

I love her sweet smile which sometimes appears in my mind to remind me that, out there somewhere, someone does unconditional accept the way I am.

Thank you so much, Ula.

by Claudia Sun-Gerber on Ula Wyss, The Journeys of Life
Shanghai, China 2016

I got to know Ula a few years ago and already then I was amazed by her endless energy and positive attitude towards life. In bad situations she could still find something positive or a solution. I knew already then that she would get into a Dance School in Europe even though she started very late with dancing. A perfect example how you can achieve goals in your life. Ula is hard working and persistent in achieving what she wants. She has many tools in her bag to guide especially young people on their way to fulfil their inner most dreams or passion in life. As she says dare to fly. If my daughter would be a bit older I would immediately sign her up for some coaching sessions with Ula.

by Dhavinya Saba on Ula Wyss, The Journeys of Life
Kuala Lumpur

I was in a rather dark place when I met her. We were still just kids, but she saw in me the pain I couldnt express. She saw it, understood it and began to think of a way to take it away. She has helped me change 180° and take my life in my own hands. With her by my side, the dark place gets a little brighter everyday. Now I am a person I can actually be proud of, I look at my life and see so much change that started the day she tried to teach me that there was more to life than accepting whats given, but demanding what we want. If youre lucky enough to have met someone like her, youll know what im talking about.