Sunshine Blogger Award

When I saw I got awarded for the Sunshine Blogger Award it made my day :) Thank you to Life, Love and Dreams who nominated me. Their blog is awesome and you should definitely check it out!



So the rules are as follows:

  • Thank the person who nominated you: see above and CHECK HER OUT!!!
  • List 11 facts about you
  • Nominate 10 other blogs 
  • Announce the nominations to those you nominated!




11 Facts about me:

1. I love to dance, it’s my biggest passion in life.

2. If I were asked to talk all day, I’d gladly do so, because talking is what I do best :P

3. I can’t stand winter, even though I’m from a cold country, and I freeze when it’s like 20 degrees.

4. I love pink. Not the pale barbie pink, but bright, cheerful one :D

5. English is my second language, but I speak it better than my first.

6. I tend to smile a lot, even in sad situations.

7. My favourite type of shoes are pointe shoes ^^ I enjoy walking on my toes.

8. I have post its all over my room with positive affirmations.

9. I always know how to help others, when when it comes to myself I have no idea what to do.

10. This is my last year of school all the way from January through December.

11. I can bake, but I can’t cook.


1. suzie81

2. Inspirationenergy

3. Appliedalliance

4. The Better Man Project

5. Mindfulbalance

6. Endless Light and Love

7. The Happsters

8. Everyday Gurus

9. Happy Healthy 360

10. BeautyNinja

All these blogs bring sunshine to my days :) Check them out!

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