Sugar is the bad guy once again

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As much as I dislike to admit it…I think – no, I KNOW that I have to cut sugar out of my diet. It’s everywhere on my news feeds and the blogs I read: Sugar is toxic and it is addictive. The thing is, I know exactly that this is true for two reasons:

1. I had a sugar addiction a month ago, I would barely be able to go a day without sugar, especially chocolate. If I resisted, I felt tired and moody.

2. I cut out sugar from my diet for 30 days and I felt amazing during most of that period, better than ever before.

On top of all this, I just watched the movie “Hungry for Change” in which they say sugar is no different to cocaine or alcohol. Sugar is a drug. The problem is that it is found almost everywhere, and if you want to live truly sugar-free, you’d have to make everything yourself. Plus, any form of starch will turn into sugar in your gut anyway. This includes rice, potatoes, flour and corn.

The movie is really great, it re-motivated me to stay healthy, watch what I put in my mouth and make food and my health my number 1 priority. I want to be healthy, have beautiful skin and be happy with myself and my life. If this means giving up on chocolate or cupcakes I am more than happy to do so. So, my 30 day challenge isn’t completely over:

I will continue searching for awesome gluten and sugar free recipes and I’ll share them with you, so you can feast on these tasty healthy snacks too. I won’t constrict myself too much just yet, I will eat normally when with friends or so, plus I’ll give into temptation once in a while. As long as it is under control, everything is fine. And I know that one day, I will live 100% sugar free. I am taking baby steps to that day right now :)

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