Sugar & dairy free ice cream – can it get any better?

Just one week left of my 30 day challenge and I’m not sure whether to be happy or sad about it. I mean, I’m happy to be able to indulge in my favourite foods, snacks and desserts again. On the other hand, I’m a little scared I would go back to my daily piece of chocolate and my sugar addiction. I will definitely have to find a solution to that.

I need to find more recipes which are sugar free so that I won’t feel the need to munch on unnecessary carbs and sugar. As I am writing this post, I am enjoying my creamy home made sugar free banana ice cream. And guess what! My family likes it, too! That’s a first. I know it doesn’t look very appetising in my photo, but that’s because I had to add some water to the frozen bananas. It sounded like my food processor was breaking apart because they were very hard. Trust me though, it is delicious. I also made a banana smoothie with hazelnut milk, greek yoghurt and chia seeds – great energy booster!

I ran out for breakfast ideas, so what I ate for a couple of days was some organic rice crackers, topped with tomatoes and sprouts. Instead of butter, I used avocado as a spread. My mum made the most delicious quinoa salad for lunch with olive oil and vinegar which I should definitely learn how to make!

I feel amazing and super energetic. And for the past one and a half weeks I have had absolutely no upset stomach or cramps. I usually have an upset stomach once or twice a week. It’s hard to describe how I feel other than saying “I have never felt this great before”.

10 thoughts on “Sugar & dairy free ice cream – can it get any better?

  1. That’s great! One way to stay really disciplined is by saying you’re going to completely stop eating sugar for 1-2 weeks and then you blog about it, so it makes it feel more like a goal, that helped me with my 30 day challenge :)

  2. awesome, good luck! I had the same problem with chocolate, my solution – gluten/sugar free chocolate truffles, cocoa is super healthy, and you can make nice treats using it with raw honey, coconut sugar or maple syrup. They are healthy :) Thanks for the kind words! Yeah, I should write more about health.

  3. amazing. i am starting a 3-day juice feast tomorrow and intend to keep sugar-free after… chocolate is my monster i need to tackle…. i hope u blog about ur healthy ventures. i love your blog.

  4. So and so, overall, I’m eating much healthier, I learnt a lot about different kinds of foods. I completely stopped drinking anything but water or fresh juice, and I eat less gluten. However, last month, since it was Christmas I kinda went back to sugar…so now I’m determined to be sugarfree for at least Jan-Feb. As for dairy, I eat yoghurt, sometimes cream, and butter from grass-fed cows. The amazing thing is that I haven’t had a flu or cold since the challenge. :)

  5. My first attempt looked very similar to yours! I like to keep chunks (breaking the banana into 2 or 3 chunks instead of slices) of banana in the freezer for at least a day to get the right consistency, also, over blending will melt the bananas. Just keep playing with it and it’ll come together!

  6. ooo banana ice cream is my favourite! add 1tbls of peanut butter and 1tbls (or more!) of cocoa powder. Ahmazing! so glad this challenge has been a success for you!! keep at it lady!

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