Stress – Kinda Complicated


Wow..I really haven’t written a post for a long time. So I’ll use this one as an opportunity to tell you what has been going on. Firstly, my exams are coming up in 2 months, and teachers are pressing us to start studying. On top of that, we get tons of homework, so once I have done that, studying is not exactly what I am in the mood for. Then, of course, I just had a debating conference last weekend, and I have got dance rehearsals for a performance practically every day.

No, the purpose of this post is not to tell you how busy I am, although it plays a part in it. Due to all of this, my stress level has increased like crazy which affected my eating patterns and my health – I just got a cold. I realised that I let stress get the best of me, and didn’t de-stress quite enough. It is not that I do not know how or when to de-stress, it is just that I have been making excuses that I do not have time to do so.

Obviously, this makes sense, since I really did not have quite as much time; however, I could have spared 10 minutes a day for simple de-stressing, e.g. dancing, yoga, reading, meditating or taking a bath, which are my methods.

In order to allow stress to flow out of your body, you need to let it do so, and not keep it stuck, which is done by either over-working yourself, or denying the workload and thus procrastinating. This is where I slacked, therefore I have got a cold now – stuck stress wanting to come out.

So, in this very stressful time of having to do a lot and no time to do so, take a minute to breathe, take a break to do something you like, and maybe say no to a meeting or a friend, if you know that you need to de-stress. It is important for your body, mind and spirit, and may stop you from catching the flu or having issues like sleep deprivation.

Have a great, relaxing day!