Stopping the flu with mind power


After having stopped a flu from spreading 2 times in the past few months, I decided that this is definitely something worth sharing with you.

Do you know that feeling in your throat, a kind of itchiness and unease signalling that a cold is ahead? Yes, that’s what I felt last Thursday. I managed to postpone the cold for 4 days, then it lasted for a few hours. Here’s what I did:

As soon as I realised that my body had caught a virus, I automatically thought “Oh no, not again, I am travelling back home tomorrow – (I was in Holland for a dance audition).” As soon as I realised the thought, I regained control and said to myself: “You know what, you couldn’t be healthier right now”. So, completely disregarding the initial sick feeling, I went on a sightseeing trip. Sometime after lunch, it started raining horribly and soon enough I was soaked.

The day turned out amazing, I cherished the change in scenery to my every day life. I developed a deep appreciation for life that I completely forgot my earlier symptoms and I felt fine, too! Simply going about my day, as though nothing had happened, and expressing gratitude to all the lovely sights, led to me feeling happy and healthy, despite the cold rain.

The next few days, I woke up with the annoying sensation in my throat every single morning. For once, instead of letting it get the best of me, I simply said to myself: “And now a warm cup of tea, and I will feel amazing”. Indeed, I took that cup of tea, accompanied by positive affirmation music, which I gladly sang and my mood and physical wellbeing shifted instantly. Due to my happy mood overshadowing the negative sensations, I soon forgot about them, and by the time I went to bed, all thoughts about sickness were gone.

On Monday, I woke up feeling absolutely awful. I had a fever and a very runny nose. I repeated the usual tea drinking and packed myself in warm clothing. However, unlike I would usually do, I didn’t take countless vitamins and I avoided my usual having-a-flu-routine. Despite the obvious symptoms, I went about my day as though nothing had changed. I ate breakfast and went to dance training. During training I didn’t perform as well as I usually did, and I suddenly had the urge to sleep. Listening to my body, I went home and slept for 2 hours, with the simple intention of having a nice rest. Surprisingly, I woke up, all symptoms gone. I went to work later that evening completely fine, as though I had been hallucinating my flu.

The 2 important processes were:

1. I didn’t accept that I had a cold. This means that I went about my day as I would have anyway and didn’t change anything. I was still in a happy mood, listened to my music, and I did NOT tell ANYONE that I felt bad. When someone asked me how I was, I simply replied that I felt great, because I decided that’s how I want to feel. For the first time in my life, on that Monday, no one noticed my cold symptoms – or at least did not mention it.

2. While not accepting, I also did not resist the cold. At one point I thought to myself, if my body really needs this, then I am going to let it happen, because it is also a great way for the body to cleanse itself and destress. So when I almost fell asleep during dance class and all I could think about was going to bed at 1pm, I decided to let go resistance and just sleep. Resistance causes the undesired to happen, so by letting go of it, and fully immersing yourself in the situation, your body and mind can let go.