Stop a cold before it ever happens!

There is one very important thing that not many people know about colds and flus. Even I didn’t know this until a while ago. For this you need to know some science though. To keep it short, the virus causing the cold replicates itself by using your weakest cells which then die due to the virus. So all that stuff coming out of your nose – that’s dead cells. And why is this good you ask? Well, viruses are only able to get to our weakest cells, the strong ones can fend them off. Therefore, when our weaker cells die, our body has to produce new ones which are stronger. It’s the body’s natural way of healing itself.

Yesterday night I had that suspicious feeling of getting a cold. The tingling feeling in my throat is accurate most of the time. However, with school and all, I said No to it and took precautions. I drank tons of water, some of it with lemon, as it is detoxing. I also drank some camomile tea, which is very relaxing and helps me sleep more deeply, as sleep is the body’s way of repairing itself. However, I think the thing that stopped the cold was the fact that I gargled warm salt water, like really salty water twice a day. And it was half a glass full. It didn’t taste very nice, but I instantly felt like the tingling was gone. After a couple of minutes I slowly swallowed some raw honey to soothe my throat – and voila – I am all fine :)

Plus, obviously, positive thinking was a big part of it. If you don’t believe that what you’re doing will help, well, chances are small it will. Stay positive and enthusiastic about it and believe that you are 100% healthy.

Of course, it doesn’t work every single time, because there must come a point where the body renews its cells. But it definitely worked for me and I am glad. I’m also going to eat really healthily and avoid dairy and sugar in the next couple of days, because they produce mucus and simply enhance a cold. No need for that I believe.

I hope this was a good tip and maybe you learnt something new :) Have a healthy day!