Spice up your Life

Do you ever feel really bored, like your life has no meaning as you are doing the same thing every single day? Do you know the feeling that when you finally have some alone time, you’d rather spend it lazily in front of the TV rather than going out?

Creativity in NatureWell…I know the feeling. And I don’t like it. Because it makes me feel really unproductive in every way possible. I think that we should try out new things, take risks and have fun in life. Not make excuses like ‘I don’t have time’, or ‘I’m too lazy and don’t feel like it’. You’ll just end up living your life in the same way for years which basically is a waste of time.

With this I am trying to tell you to make your life interesting. Discover. Have fun. Learn new things. Find excitement. Vary every week, try out something you have never done before. Meet new people. It will bring you high satisfaction, and a lot of smiles :)

Many people think it’s all about work and money, that happiness has no contribution. Sure, no money, no food. But also, no fun, no laughter which leads to boredom, laziness, no productivity, no satisfaction. You get what I mean? If you are generally happy, you will generally do much better in every single thing you do. Because you are satisfied and you will gladly do it.

This is basically motivation: Motivating yourself with things you like, by spicing up your life, reaching your self-actualisation. If you don’t know how, be creative!