Smile, coz everything’s gonna be alright :)

I am a person who constantly tells people to smile. I tell them to smile when they are happy, sad or angry. I often get the response that its way easier said than done and that sometimes there is no reason to smile, like when something bad happened. I tell them so smile anyway, and often, it does wonders. I mean, if you can smile when you just went through a rough experience, that shows strength. smile

To tell yourself that all is well and that this is not the end, is what brings us forward.

I recently found myself in a position where I thought I couldn’t smile, I had to sulk and be down. But then I realised that I tell people to smile anyway when they are in similar situations. And I also realised, yeah, they were right, it’s not that easy. However, I didn’t let myself be down, instead, I forced a smile on my face, took a deep breath and did what I usually tell others to do. I appreciated the things I had, and the feeling of gratitude made me happy, or close to happy again.

To me, that shows that a simple action like this can turn your whole situation around. And it reminded me why I keep telling people to smile anyway, to be happy and let go of what they don’t want. It makes life easier, it’s that simple ;)

Soooo, smile. Now. No, not later, smile right now and enjoy every moment you have :)