Simply feeling great – without sugar

Another update for my 30 day day challenge – it’s day 17, I’m more than halfway through! As much as I love this challenge and even more so experimenting with new recipes and ideas, I am starting to miss my desserts. Especially since my family and I have been going out a lot and they eat my favourite sugary desserts in front of me. Yet I’ve been able to resist since I am getting used to the non sugar thing and I’ve made it my mission to succeed. On the other hand, I’m definitely looking forward to a yummy dessert after the challenge ;)

Now, to the more successful part of the challenge – I still feel great and full of energy, almost all the time. Since I miss my sugar, I made some more of the chocolate truffles and  a vegan chocolate-strawberry pudding. I absolutely loved it, but when I gave it to my parents, well, they didn’t like it too much. I guess it depends on how much you like nut milk and very chocolatey desserts. Anyways, it’s a very easy recipe and I liked it without the chia seeds, too.

The past few days I experimented with lunch as well: I had stuffed portobello mushrooms with polish style sauerkraut (which my mum makes deliciously).  The next day I had tuna dumplings topped in sesame seeds with salad. As a tuna lover, I found it was simply great. I went out for lunch today and the restaurant I went to had this awesome mushroom couscous and vegetable wrap, which were both healthy and yummy choices!

Then, I made lemon and mint water after I saw Progress is Perfection‘s blog post and gave it a try. To me, it was a little to strong, probably because I left it overnight, so I thinned it with some normal water. It tastes refreshing and more interesting than normal water. I know there are a lot more combinations to make and so I will try out more of them in the future. Plus, every ingredient has different health benefits – cool right? So for anyone who doesn’t like pure water, this is a helpful solution.

I changed my meditating habits from morning to night as I found that it helps me fall asleep and allows me to sleep more deeply. Even if I only meditate for 5 minutes at night, I usually feel calm, relaxed and my breathing slows down which gets me ready to fall asleep. Sometimes I even fall asleep during meditating, but that’s ok ;)

Obviously, I am feeling amazing and this challenge is definitely good for me. However, I am looking forward to it being over. At the same time, I’m kind of scared I will indulge too much and get back to my sugar addiction…I’ll have to find a solution to that. If you want any of the recipes of the foods I posted above, tell me, and I will post them :)

Have a healthy day

xx Ula