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I recently had an amazing, insightful conversation with someone who sees, feels and lives life through love and only love. He inspired me and showed me that even though I am already really positive, I still have a long way to go. The principle itself is simple – love life, love yourself, love everyone and accept every situation with love. Let go of what doesn’t bring love to your life. Love, love, love…

Of course, it’s easier said than done, but, let’s imagine how a world of love would look like. Put your glasses of love on and start seeing everything with love. Waking up in the morning, there is a thunderstorm outside your window, even thought you planned on going for a run. Through your glasses of love, there is only a positive, warm way to look at it though. Instead, you can spend another hour in bed and feel comfortable and relaxed, or you may be able to spend the day with your family, laughing. If you didn’t get that one job offer and your biggest competitor got it, then be happy for them instead of resenting them. The next day you may be offered an interview for an even better job and you are amazing at it because you let go of the other offer with love.

If the only way you look at life is with love, you are never disappointed and always happy. The first step to doing is, is to let go of what is holding you back. This may be a job, a weekly activity, a friend who you don’t feel comfortable with or even an object. It is easy to live life in a loving way. The hard part is having the courage to make that jump down the cliff. Because once you make that jump, you become un-judgemental and it is not possible for you to be sad, hurt or angry. And in some way, we cling to these things because of our narrowed mindset and believe that feeling negative feelings is normal and even good in some way.

So start seeing smaller things through eyes of love. When something ‘bad’ happens, make it ‘good’ and don’t let it affect you.

In this way, you’ll gradually rise to a 99% loving person (most people still have negative or unloving thought every once in a while).

Have a loving day,

xx Ula

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