Remembering Louise Hay

Credits to Louise Hay Facebook Page

Louise Hay was a wonderful woman. I didn’t know her personally, and yet she managed to impact me in a very significant way. I remember the time when I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror and I blamed all of the negative things in my life on my bullies. Then, one day my mum came with one of Louise’s books. At first, I thought she was crazy! How on Earth could something like “Affirmations” change my life?

The thought didn’t last long. I applied what I learnt from the book, and it changed my life around. I have this blog because of that, I have found my purpose through positive living. And so, even though Louise Hay may never really read this, I want to thank her for inspiring not only me, but millions of people worldwide.

Let’s use her as an example, inspire each other and help the world become a more positive place.

This is a rather old video, but in a a little more than a minute, you see the essence of who Louise Hay was.