Remember your affirmations every day :)

When I first started saying and thinking affirmations, the hardest thing for me was to actually remember to say them regularly which is the key to them working. I have also found that many others face the exact problem and therefore I will give you an easy solution:IMG_2289

Since we live in a world of smartphones, iPads and laptops the easiest thing is to just set up some kind of reminders.

Now, the thing that I have found the most helpful is an iPhone app called “tell me later”. It is excellent at setting up daily reminders of affirmations.

For example, every day at 9am I will receive the affirmation ’I approve of myself’. Then at 10 I will get another and so on. Some come at the exact moments I need encouragement and they make me think more positively. So every day I am reminded 7 times about my affirmations.

Answer this poll for so I can see which are your favourite affirmations :))