Now that School has started…

homeworkAs you can guess, I just started school again. It’s the end of my first week and I’ve already got assignments and homework. After an almost 3 month break I’m so not used to this and I must admit…I’ve been rather unorganised, plus super tired of course. And I must admit, I’ve been eating more sugary stuff than I was planning to – it’s just so tempting.

However, I know that I have to change this in order for me to be happy, healthy and successful in school. It’s my last two years and I’m going to finish them with pride :) So, I hope I can still write a couple of blogposts a week, excuse me if some weeks there’s none. Though I am still writing for, so you can always check that out!

Therefore I’m going to set myself some targets and objectives:

1. I’m organised for school and always do my work.

2. I’m blogging as often as I can.

3. I’ve got some cool ideas I could do on my blog, so I will try some of them.

4. I will definitely eat more healthily and go back to similar ways as I was on my 30 day challenge.

And to make sure that I actually do this all, I’ll write a blogpost about it some time next week. Do you have similar struggles, maybe with work or college? Tell me about it in the comments – or tell me your target list :)

2 thoughts on “Now that School has started…

  1. Thanks for sharing and the kind words :) organisation is one key point in life indeed! To-do lists or limiting time on certain things is a great way to start which is what I am going to do. Have a great day :)

  2. You are a talented and smart young lady. I no longer work outside of the home and I am new to writing my blog, but I have learned in the past week that I also must be organized and almost put myself on a schedule of sorts. If I do not do this, I spend too much time in study and preparation for my blog, and too little time on my housework. I also homeschool my daughter who is a junior in high school, so organization is very important or something goes lacking. I pray you have a wonderful year in school and look forward to reading more of your posts! Keep up the good work! Blessings.

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