Nick Vujicic – Amazing Night

I had the most wonderful night yesterday at Nick Vujicic’s dinner talk! I’ve always admired him and he is one of the most inspirational people I have ever known. And now I’ve seen him live! You can guess how excited I was and still am about this.

The first thing Nick asked us when he was up on stage was “How many people have seen my videos on Youtube?”. Practically everyone raised their hands. And then he said – “Am I better looking live?”. Nick is not only inspirational, but extremely funny when he has talks, I laughed so much that evening, it’s amazing what a person like him can do. ;

First, he told us about everything he has achieved in the past couple of years. He has reached millions of people and has helped thousands in financial ways. He is travelling loads and he kept mentioning his love for his wife and newly born son.

Nick talked about hope and how it “cannot be compared to anything”. Hope is the one thing that brings you back up in the downs of your life. He said that without ups and downs life is boring, but if you don’t have hope throughout that time, you won’t get back up as easily. Then, if you ever go through pain and suffering, that is when you ask yourself the bigger questions, like “Who am I?”, “What is my purpose?” and so on. You see, we all have a purpose in life, but we’ve got to find it and keep having hope.

You will never see your full potential until you seek your full potential.

What he talked about most was knowing the truth of your value. Basically meaning that you are true to yourself and you don’t let any outside substance define you. Which isn’t always easy, but he said that once you believe in the truth of yourself and don’t care what others say or think about you, nothing will ever bring you down. I completely agree to this, as when you don’t care if a guy thinks your fat or skinny or that you are judged for having a bad job, you will stand strong no matter what.

Nick talked a lot about being a parent and how important it is to not only love your child but tell him or her how much you love them. He said that when you tell them they are beautiful and they shut their door on you, go around the house, through the window and tell them again. Because they need to hear it from you the most. My favourite two quotes of the night were:

More than I need my son to have an excellent university, he needs an excellent father.


If they don’t hear the truth from you, then who do they hear it from? – TV?

This definitely made me think about my future and how I should treat my children.

Two more things that I loved:

F-A-I-T-H = Full Assurance In The Heart. Faith means that you believe in yourself and that you can do it. That everything will work out in the end. Just because you don’t see your amazing future, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

F-E-A-R = False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is when people tell you something about you that is not true, yet you believe it and let it bring you down. Nick says the biggest discouragement is not them, but it’s you. As you believe the lies people tell you. That way you plant a seed of fear, and every new lie you believe, you let the seed grow to a tree. A fruit tree will give you fruit, so a fear tree will give you more fear.

It was an amazing, inspirational night. I absolutely loved the talk and learnt all this and more from it. I hope you liked what I wrote and if you don’t know Nick Vujicic, then here’s a video of him a couple of years ago:

I wrote another post about this event on, an online radio show where I guest post every week. If you like Nick Vujicic and this post, then read the other one too, it’s slightly different. Read it here.

2 thoughts on “Nick Vujicic – Amazing Night

  1. Wow, you hugged him? That’s amazing – I wish I could’ve hugged him, but I only saw him talk. He was simply amazing though, one of the most inspirational people out there :)

  2. Funny I was just thinking about when I met Nic and I found your blog! I too have met him and hugged him and found him totally inspirational :) When I met him his particular hope was to find a girl who loved him – and I was happy to read recently that not only has he got married but they have had a child together!

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