New Chapter, New Journey: I’m Back!

Well helloooo everyone! I am back. I know I know, I’ve been gone for like way too long. But for those of you who have done your A-Levels or any final year in High School would know. Study stress = No time. Luckily, this is over now, and I can finally continue with my blog.

I was thinking of changing its name, but then I thought, hey, I’m starting a whole new journey right now, so it’s rather fitting to my current situation. And I guess you could call moving away from home to pursue my dream to be a dancer quite a significant and exciting new journey.

Yeah, that’s what happened, I moved out after 13 years in Asia, back to Europe, to my roots. Everything is new for me, from having to sort out my own household and food to seeing Autumn again for the first time in 13 years.

I’m excited to start posting some of my experiences, insights, new routines and recipes as I am experimenting with food and getting used to the cold.

This is one of the first of many beautiful autumn photos you will see. ( I am obsessed with these colours, they take my breath away every time). And also, this is kind of how I feel my path looks like, so pretty, yet I cannot see fully into the future. So I wonder what this new chapter has in store for me, and I’d love for it to lead to me¬†being a professional dancer :)



Have a Wonderful Day and Happy Halloween,





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