I love what I do and gladly provide my abilities to you in a professional setting. All of these things I am able to do in English or German, and I am willing to travel:

Life Coach

My work as a life coach is aimed at young adults wanting to start a new journey or improve their current one. I am here to help bring out the best in you and provide you with tools and information for you to achieve your goal with a positive mindset and attitude.

A life coach could be of great benefit if you have been asking yourself one of these questions:

You have a goal in mind, but don’t seem to be moving toward it?

You have completed high school and don’t know which path to take?

You don’t have a goal, but would like one to work towards?

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I am a dancer and have been training for years now. In September, I am starting a dance degree to finally fulfil my longest desire. I have performed for shows, taught classes and choreographed performances. I can feel myself into almost any style, however I am best trained in Latin & Ballroom, Ballet, Modern and Jazz.

Personal Assistant

I have a thing for marketing, social media, writing and websites and truly enjoy assisting someone in their administrative and marketing work. I have experience in raising 21,000 Likes on my Facebook Page, being the Event Manager for a holistic centre called Heart Sanctuary and of course, this blog. This is also my current job, as I am doing this work for a variety of people.

Writer and Guest Blogger

For the past years I have been an author on and Body Mind Soul Magazine. Hence I am available to write a guest post, be it long or short for your blog or website should you need more content.

Lavylites Cosmetic Products

For more information on a great cosmetic product consisting of natural ingredients and are not tested on animals. The product line has produced great results and consists of shampoos, body gels, lotions, sprays and creams. On top of this, it presents a great business opportunity. For more information, simply contact me.

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