My own 30 Day Challenge

I was inspired by the blog Progress Is Perfection to start a 30 Day Challenge. They did their own version of a 30 Day Challenge, avoiding certain foods. Reading about how well it went, I decided to put together my own little challenge as I am sure it will benefit my health and wellbeing. I know this will help me get one step closer to eternal happiness :) I will start this challenge tomorrow – 1st August.

My challenge has 2 components – Physical and Mental challenges:


1. Food – I will eliminate all sugar from my diet, except for fruit. Sugar is the worst thing to eat and nowadays it is included in countless food products. Therefore this will give my body some rest and I will not have any sugar rushes anymore (even though I love chocolate).fruitsalad

Then, I will decrease both my dairy and wheat intake to once or twice a week. I am often very sensitive to these ingredients and I know that they give me a bloated stomach. However, due to the fact that I know how hard it is to find foods without them in it, I will not strike them from my diet. I will make sure to avoid them as much as I can and choose healthier options.

Two or more (huge) glasses of warm water with lemon. This will detoxify and wash through my entire body system, plus it will keep me hydrated. Of course I’ll drink lots of water anyway – and no kinds of juices as they include sugar.


1. Meditation – I will meditate for 10 minutes every day, preferably in the mornings. This is to calm and relax myself as I find this essential to a happy life.meditate2

2. Gratitude Journal – I have an app on my phone (Gratitude!) which I used a month ago every night as a gratitude journal. It makes me appreciate every day and see the good things in life. Sadly I have stopped this and therefore include this in the challenge to start it again.

I will write a blog post every 2-3 days to record how I am feeling and how the challenge is going. If you have any other questions about the challenge just post it in the comments – I am happy to answer them.

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