Monthly Peace Challenge: Woman In The Mirror

This month’s peace challenge is to post something portraying my ideal self, when I feel most at peace. The moment I have chosen is when I do art. Art as in painting, drawing or dancing. They are my favourite things in the world, and I feel like all problems dissolve into space, and I show who I truly am while doing them.

So, I’d like to share with you my favourite art piece. Why this one? Because it incorporates both dance and paint. I spent 10 hours doing this, and those were one of my most peaceful 10 hours so far. I feel like it shows who I am. The colours, the curvy strokes, it is abstract but you can still make sense of it. That’s how I am. Sometimes I feel like I am not truly one thing, I am abstract, but at the same time, I am me, and that always shows through the abstract bit. Whenever I look at the painting, I feel peace and love, which is what I want to bring into the world.


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