Monthly Peace Challenge: I have a dream

I turned over in my comfortable bed when suddenly I felt a warm sensation flow through me. Slowly, I opened my eyes, just to close them again, as the bright Sunday morning sunshine beamed at me. It didn’t bother me, though. It made me smile and want to get out of bed to take part in what seemed like a beautiful morning. As I got up and opened my windows, letting more light in, I heard birds chirping in the distance and a subtle wind blew. I felt calm and relaxed as I changed and grinned at my reflection in the mirror.

Downstairs, my family was already setting the breakfast table with the most delicious foods you could think of – poached eggs, freshly baked bread and fruit smoothies. My brother had decorated the table with flowers and my dad turned on fun music. As I took in the beautiful sight of my family, I felt like luckiest person in the world. Suddenly, my dogs excitedly greeted me and I felt the urge to take them for a walk on this beautiful morning. So, after having laughed and shared our week’s experiences at breakfast, I headed outdoors. I smiled to myself and thought of all the things I can be grateful for in my life. I found plenty as I slowly walked down the pavement, taking in the scent of the trees and flowers around me while the sun’s rays gave my hair a golden glow.

A couple of minutes later, an older woman walked past me. Our eyes met and we smiled, silently agreeing that today is an extraordinary day. On the other side of the road, I saw a family walking along with a baby stroller and a puppy, talking to each other loudly but happily. The two girls who must have been twins were taking photos of each other, with big smiles on their faces. Then it was time to go back home, as my dogs were getting tired of the heat.

Once back home, I decided the day was too wonderful to be sitting indoors. I called up my best friend and we headed into town. Usually, employees working at the train station would be gloomy and sad. Not today though. The lady I pass by almost every day greeted me and gave me a warm smile, which I returned thankfully. Once in town, I thought the world had changed. It was colourful, there were street musicians and there was not a single person who did not look happy.

My best friend and I headed straight towards our favourite ice cream parlour just around the corner. While chatting about a project we had together, I saw a young man drop a dozen books and papers. By the time we got to him though, two other men had already kindly picked up his books for him. He was grateful, and then moved on. At the ice cream parlour, I chose coconut flavour, my favourite. It tasted fresh and was perfect for the warm day. We headed back outside, to the centre of town where it was unusually crowded. We were in a sea of people, when, all of the sudden, loud music blasted from all directions and the crowd parted. In the middle was a young boy wearing a blue baseball cap, breakdancing! I had no idea what was going on, but more and more people came and watched the dancer. He had an excited glimmer in his eyes, and his talent was amazing. After about half a song, more and more children and teenagers joined in and performed a flash mob. It was astonishing and lifted everyone’s mood, if that was even possible. Then, to my surprise, the people watching, including me and my best friend, formed a circle around the dancers and jumped to the left or right to make it even more fun. We laughed, sang and danced until the songs were over.

When I came home later in the afternoon, I was pulsating with energy and felt happy as ever. I went up to my room, collapsed on my bed and thought to myself, that this was probably the most fun, exciting and peaceful day ever. I had not seen one negative thing and I loved the peace within the community and in the air.

That was when I woke up to the up-beat music coming from downstairs and I realised that I had just dreamt the best dream ever. I opened my curtains, filling my room with gorgeous light and knew that today was going to be a peaceful and beautiful day.


For this months peace challenge, we had to describe what we would think is a peaceful day. This is my dream story of peace, the way I see a peaceful day in our world and wish it to be every day.

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  1. Love this, Ula. I especially like the flash mob. Can’t have a dream of peace without breakdancing and a flash mob. haha. So cool. Thank you for posting for peace. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

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