Monthly Peace Challenge: Dear Enemy

This Month’s Peace Challenge asks me to write a letter to an enemy of mine. As this is rather personal, I did not name the enemy, but it is a true story. Since then I haven’t had an enemy and I wish to always live in love and peace with everyone, which I have partly learned from this person.

Dear Enemy,

First of all, I don’t like seeing you as an enemy, but I wish to see you as a friend. Someone I can have fun with, someone I can work with. I have always wanted this, and I tried. But somehow it didn’t seem to work and I got the impression that you resented me from the first day you saw me. So I did the immature, yet easier thing and resented you back.

I didn’t have the courage to talk back or defend myself. Nor did my one best friend. Because once you started, everyone joined in. I don’t think you realised how much you belittled me, made me feel unworthy and a laughing stock. Just because I wasn’t like everyone else, but I was different.

Anyhow, it doesn’t matter anymore, because I have forgiven you. Only later I realised I couldn’t blame you, but I had to become a stronger and confident person. And you helped me with this. So instead of blaming you, I thank you. I thank you for helping me realise I did not believe in myself, I thank you for making me work hard to gain the happiness that I deserved. It was an important life lesson and it has led me to where I am now.

I want to make peace with you, and forget about the bullying that I went through, and start off fresh. I strongly believe that we can be friends and be nice to each other. It doesn’t matter what happened back then, as it is the past and neither of us can change it. However, we can make the future as best as possible, and I am sure we’d make a great team.

Let’s encourage and empower others instead of pushing them down. Let’s stop bullying and improve social situations in schools, colleges and workplaces. Everyone should have an equal chance in life and an equal chance to make friends, no matter how different day are.



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2 thoughts on “Monthly Peace Challenge: Dear Enemy

  1. Love this letter, Ula. I love the gratitude for your “enemy.” Such a big heart to find positives in bullying. I love how the last paragraph uses the word “Let’s.” I love how you realize how you grew in this interaction. Thank you so much for your post for peace. {{{Hugs}}} kozo

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