Mind Food?


"I can't do this."

"Oh no. What will he think of me?! I probably just made a fool of myself."

"I am such a failure."

"This is impossible."

How often have you thought yourself this small?

I must admit, I have thought like this so often, I can't even count the occurrences anymore. We have all fed ourselves with these thoughts and words. And that's okay.

I call this negative mind food.

You should realise though, that on the long run, with these kinds of thoughts, this can have negative consequences. Because just as "you are what you eat", you are what you think. If someone eats fast food, sugars and bad fats for 10 years, of course they will eventually fall sick. Similarly, if you keep feeding your mind with negative mind food, you get smaller and smaller, and lose confidence in yourself. You think yourself towards failure.   And eventually, your dreams may seem too big for you to want go after and the only visible option may be to give up.

Wouldn't it be nice, to feed the mind with positive, stimulating and nutritional food?

Of course! And it is super simple.

If you are ready to change, ready to improve your life, then I ask you to go on a diet.

No, this doesn't mean you have to stop eating cake. This means that you change your mental input, thoughts and words you use on a daily basis.



Sounds complicated? Here are 5 simple steps to switch to a more positive attitude:

1 - It's a decision. First, you have to want to change. Once you have decided to change, go to step 2.


2 - Use supporting material. I love to write myself positive post it notes about how I am awesome and achieve my dreams. I use lipstick to write positive affirmations on my mirror and have reminders on my phone which beeps three times a day telling me that I CAN do it and that I AM beautiful.


3 - Make a vision board. I'm sure you have heard of this before. A vision board is a tool for mapping out your dreams and things you want. You can use images, words or drawings to make a poster of your future.


4 - Don't put other people on a pedestal, know that they are on the same journey as you and that they, too need some positive mind food. We compare ourselves to others way too much and become demotivated, because we like to think that they have it, they are happy, they are lucky, while they may have the same difficulties and challenges in life as us. Don't let others be a reason to put yourself down.


5- Eliminate words like "can't", "impossible" or "failure" from your vocabulary. Just as you would eliminate sugar to be more healthy, you eliminate this and create a more positive mind food environment. Instead use "can", "possible", "success".


A daily mantra I have made for myself was "Ula you were wonderful yesterday, let's be more wonderful today". Maybe a similar one would suit you?

Remember, with every positive thought, you become a little bigger.

The question lies in whether you want to push yourself down, or rise up.

So I ask you today, what mind food do you want to think?