Love Yourself…it does Wonders

This is a beautiful, long quote by Larry Crane :)

Nothing feels better than being fully in love with yourself.

I don’t mean in an egotistical way.

That’s not true self-love, anyway.

True self-love is full self-acceptance, warts and all.

It’s loving yourself fully just because you choose to.

It’s not dependent on any aspect of your appearance.

And it’s not governed by any particular behavior or action you take.

True self-love is loving yourself just because you are.

It’s the highest form of Beingness.

When you have full self love for yourself life becomes EASY.

It becomes so SIMPLE.

Because you don’t have to keep making plans for your life.

Or wondering (worrying) how things are going to work out.

You just love yourself FULLY and COMPLETELY in each moment — and your life flows for you in the most perfect way possible.

Life starts bringing you what you need.

Opportunities open up for you.

Other people enter into your life to bring you experiences that you share together in the most wonderful and mutually beneficial ways possible.

No plans are necessary.

No trying to work things out in your head.

And no constantly efforting to get to that “ideal place” in your life.

When you choose to love yourself fully each and every moment — you are ALWAYS in the ideal place.

You are ALWAYS fully in YOU. Fully and completely in the “I-ness” of YOU.

And that feels R-E-A-L-L-Y good!

You cannot get anywhere close to the feeling any other way.

All the money in the world won’t give you that feeling.

Having the best house or the fastest car won’t give you that feeling.

Nor will winning awards or trophies.

Not saying you should shun those external things.

Not at all.

In fact, when you are fully self-loving you will naturally find yourself experiencing, having and enjoying them even more.

So I highly encourage you to dedicate yourself to loving yourself more and more each day.

You might not feel any different at first.

But keep at it.

You’ll soon be feeling much better about yourself (and your life in general).

Then, you’ll know you’ve got “traction”.

Keep going.

by Larry Crane