Life is not here for you to give up

Today, I’m gonna talk about something slightly different. For the past two weeks I have been working at the Stroke Association with many different stroke patients, doing speech therapy and physiotherapy (also some photocopying, but I won’t go into that :P).

Anyway, I ‘ve learnt soo much from them. I talked to many of the strokies and most of them were really open, not all were able to speak, but I did my best in understanding them. It takes patience – but it is totally worth it.

A single stroke changed their lives from being a high ranking manager to a helpless dependant person not able to speak or walk. It is kinda sad.. Many are young, or have families and simply embarrassed to go out. But what we don’t see is their determination, their strive to get better – until you get to know them.

I met this one woman. She 100% completely believes in herself, she practically cured herself and is back to normal. She couldn’t walk or talk a couple of years ago, now she doesn’t want to STOP talking. It wasn’t exactly easy, but she never gave up and kept going, step by step. Now that’s where I got to smile and think IS possible :)

So what I’ve learnt most of all is that inner determination and thinking just reflects what you do on the outside. Some strokies just gave up..accepted their condition and that was it. However, the ones who are motivated, think that they are able to get back on track, they just do it. It may take a year or two, but they just do it.

I’m just smiling while writing this, it makes me extremely happy to have experienced this. And you know, if you think about it…if a person who is halfway paralized, can’t walk or communicate can heal themselves, then you can do that too. With any little problem, may it be a flu, a poor relationship or an injury. Believe, be positive and never give up. My message for today :)

– Life is not made for you to give up. It’s here to show how strong you can be. 


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