Last Peace Challenge 2013: Let’s Have a Party

As this year goes to an end, so do the peace challenges for the year. So, as the last peace challenge of 2013, we are supposed to write about a peace party. So here goes my idea of the best peace party ever:


This weekend, in my imagination, there will be a peace party in Hawaii, one of my dream places to go to. It is a sunny afternoon and anyone is invited – anyone that wants to promote peace that is. The waves create a calming sound in the background, and birds can be seen flying around. It seems like not only people are here, but nature is, too.

The sun shines just the right amount, and cute, puffy clouds are drifting along the bright blue sky. Everyone at the party is wearing a flower necklace, the ones they’ve got in Hawaii and is chattering along in an excited manner.

There’s music of course, one of my favourite and probably most peaceful singers is on a medium sized stage, singing my favourite song: Living In The Moment. Jason Mraz. Along with the sounds of the waves, it sounds beautiful. After a while, my role model, Louise Hay will hold a speech with her soothing voice and positivity, and the crowd simply loves her.

Of course there’s food. Cupcakes, with peace signs, healthy dishes that I had made and a whole lot of yummy stuff.

However, what I realise is that all of these factors are merely a backdrop. The most important thing to see is that there are laughs, smiles, joy, happiness and peace. Everyone is getting along, meeting new people and is being caring. That is what a peaceful world looks like to me, and at this party, it seems to be true already.

One day, I will have this party, and it will rely on pure kindness and compassion. One day, the world will be peaceful, and a party like this is a daily ritual.

Peace begins with a smile. – Mother Teresa

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Have a peaceful day xx

5 thoughts on “Last Peace Challenge 2013: Let’s Have a Party

  1. Love this party, Ula, especially since its in Hawaii. I would love to hear Louise Hays speak. She has helped me so much in the past. I agree that the most important ingredients are “laughs, smiles, joy, happiness and peace.” I’ve been thinking about “build it and they will come” lately. It seems to me that you are building peace, so the party is bound to come. {{{Hugs]}} Kozo

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