Just those happy moments :)

You know what, I keep writing about sad moments and stuff and what you can do to make them better. But now, imma write about those happy moments, you know, the ones where you are sooo happy that you just feel like jumping around your room, listening to upbeat music and nothing in the world matters coz you’re just smiling goofily. Haha, well thats how I feel now :)

And it’s nice to share, coz I also realised that happiness can be contagious. You can make someone else happy by being happy. Just like you can make someone else yawn by yawning :P

So imma share my happiness with you and I’m telling you that you can be happy now and dance around like no one is watching coz life is enjoyable!! Have an amazing happy day. Woooohooooo :D

The purpose of our lives is to be happy
-Dalai Lama