Just some motivation :)

ComparisonI often see or hear people comparing themselves to others. Especially in school nowadays. People start comparing hair, face, body, or grades, talent and abilities. And I am sure that the people in school aren’t the only ones doing this, but that every one does. I do, too. Since I do ballet, this happens rather often. When we do splits, this super flexible girl just does it easily, while I still hover a couple of inches above the ground. It make me ask myself, Why can’t I do this, but she can?? It makes me upset that I can’t. ¬†However, I’ve come to realise that this does not help. I mean, what use is there in comparing yourself to someone else. It won’t make u any better at it. It will just make u bitter and upset.

So, I started stretching every single day. Not because I wanted to be better than her, but because I wanted to be able to satisfy myself, to be able to do a split. And guess what – I am this close (—-) to a split. Because I stopped comparing myself to her, but started doing something about it to get better. Instead, I compared myself to me last year. This motivated me. (Last year my split was no where near the ground :P) So I started believing that I am able to do it, and I eventually just did it ^^

Don’t compare yourself to others. Instead compare yourself to you last year