Just Smile. When? Always.

There was a situation the other day when I realised how powerful it is to be calm and do things with a smile on your face.

I was with a few friends just 20 minutes before our exam. I spent that time eating, staring into the distance and just being calm, smiling. Not thinking about the exam. I wasn’t really scared or nervous. But all around me, people were freaking out, being scared and doing some last minute studying, simultaneously eating lunch. Then someone pointed out how I was so relaxed and expressionless and that I am taking this easy. And yes, that is true, because I realised in that moment, and in the exam afterwards, that there is no point being scared. It just messes up your mind and makes you do worse than you actually can.

So what am I saying with this?

– Take any opportunity in life in a relaxed manner and think of it as an opportunity to show what you CAN do. Not one to see what you CAN’T do. 

Take it with a smile on your face ;)

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