Just Dance. ❤

I find dance the most amazing thing ever. It’s my passion. I’d do it every day and wouldn’t get tired of it. It’s a way to express yourself through the movements of your body and be strong but graceful at the same time. It is an art, not only to challenge your body, but also your mind. Makes you feel free. After my dance class, my mind is clear, it is usually then when I write my blog posts :P

When I feel down, I stand up and dance. Randomly, to any music.

When I feel happy, I put on fast music and make my own routines.

When I feel lazy, I force myself to get up and do ballet. It’s the hardest thing ever and always wakes me up.

Whenever, wherever, I simply dance. Because I love it so. 

Because when you love something this much, you would dedicate your life to it. I think everyone should have a passion :)


“I dance because I feel it’s the thing I have to do, I want to do and, without it, I won’t be me.”

-Yuan Yuan Tan