Just Cause I’m Happy

When was the last time you smiled, just because you were happy. Or you did something nice to someone, or started singing, or jumping around? Lately I have found myself doing this a lot!

I have found that people do a lot of weird, crazy things when they are happy.

Since my voice isn’t exactly amazing, I have been annoying my friends in school by singing songs from Frozen over and over again. And yes, Frozen is cool and totally cute, and you’re never too old for it! But you know what, it doesn’t matter, because I am happy and even though it is to an extent annoying, some of them start singing with me and have smiles on their faces.

So, like me, you can influence others by being happy and your chirpy self. Smile, sing, dance, or do anything that makes you happy, and you will see that it can have a chain effect on your friends.

All you need to do is channel your inner happiness by remembering your happiest moment so far, or doing something that delights you. Then you’re on the right track and can start grinning!

Have a very cheery happy day :)