Inspiring. Positive. Happy Making. ;)

Those are the definitions of a happy person, at least my definition of one. Because I have just been inspired by my super happy friend, who isn’t always in the best mood, but she has made me smile at my phone for the past hour.

And what I realised is, that happiness is really contagious. Whether you want it or not. But who doesn’t enjoy being happy? I don’t know anyone.

I have been taught as a little girl that if you smile, if you are positive and happy, it will in some way return back to you. I never believed, however, recently, this theory has been proven right so many times, not only to me, but to my friends, as well.


Find whatever you can in this moment that makes you happy. Put your worries aside, they will not get you further. Instead, be grateful, smile and just be happy :)