Incitement: The Power of Influence

This month’s two year birthday special was the best incitement I’ve been to so far. Four amazing inciters and an excited crowd made this event worthwhile. The topic was ‘the power of influence’ and there were many interpretations of this. While power can be used both in good or bad ways, the evening was filled with positive energy and laughter.

One thing we learnt has influence is a simple guitar. A guitar played by probably the most passionate musician I have seen in my life so far: Az Samad. Being a late starter into music, he showed us that no matter how difficult or huge your dream, if you believe in what you do, do the unexpected and if you are proud of it, you will achieve your dream guaranteed. And that is how you influence.

Next up was probably the coolest yogi master I’ve ever seen. Jasdeep Singh Khalsa, talking about his spiritual journey, struck me as truly inspiring. Through the process of education, we keep adding and adding more thoughts to our mind, making us more wise, but at the same time more stressed and we tend to lose ourselves in it. What Jasdeep said is that by practising yoga, or simply letting go of believes you thought were true, you can dissolve those thoughts and create space. This space is then empty which you can redefine in any way you wish to create many positive things. It is when you are able to create that space, and when you are aware of your thoughts and emotions that you have the power to chose or do something that will influence the world.


I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples. – Mother Theresa

Alana Azlan, a beautiful spoken word artist performed two mind blowing poems about how words are so powerful and influencing when we don’t even realise. Words are not just words, they can hurt or heal, create love or hate. So, we should choose them wisely.

Think before you speak because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another. – Napoleon Hill

The last influencing thought was given to me by Erneszo Moreno: Show your true colours. Once you identify with who you really are and accept yourself for that, you can start living a true life. And in order to do so, you must come out and show the world that ‘true you’. It might not get you many friends, or you might lose some, but it will give you the right ones. This man was so inspiring that I got goosebumps – and I only get those when I am immensely touched by something or someone. His story is too amazing to put into words, and yesterday night, he influenced me in a beautiful way.

Not really knowing who I am or will be, but eager to find out, I realised that the only way is to walk my journey of life, keep challenging my believes I consider true, because there is so much more to life than what we believe. He showed us a world map upside down and told us that the only reason this seems so wrong to us is because we have made a believe that it is right the other way around so much that it has become our truth. Therefore we forget to question the fact that there is no up and down, north or south in the universe, yet we have defined our world map with it.

Lastly, because of Incitement’s influence, the owner of Skybus has started up a project called Together We Care More, a beautiful project aimed to help those in need. This shows that initiatives like Incitement have already started that ripple in the water.



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