In The Flow Of Abundance

Lately I have been very involved with a specific topic: Abundance. Abundance can mean so many different things to different kinds of people. Normally, people see it as having a lot of money. Yet, it is so much more. In fact, this world is abundant, after all, nature supplies itself so well. Technically, we would never run out of resources such as food, plants and water if we wouldn't tinker with nature so much. So before I even get started, I think we can all agree on the fact that Earth itself is very abundant. 

With that being said, just by living on Earth, you are given the chance to live in abundance. To me, abundance means having a constant access to whatever it is you want. 

So how do you get to that point? It is a matter of your state. It is the way you feel that determines whether or not you let yourself live an abundant life. We have free will, and it is your choice whether or not you attract infiniteness. Sounds easy? Well it is!

The issue is that we are often in a state of lack, complaining about the things we don't have or look at the problematic sides of the things we do have. The key is realising that we are abundant beings by nature. After all, a baby receives an infinite amount of love, "awws" and smiles from people. Most of us live in an abundance of food to the extent where we blame being surrounded by food for our weight issues. Once you realise this, it is much easier to move into a state of openly receiving money, love, health and anything you want. 

First, allow your current state and beliefs. Just let go of resistance to whatever you feel, and simply allow it. By allowing you let go of what you don't want and you can then step into an abundant state. Understand, that by being a part of this world, and the world being infinite, you are yourself infinity. Once you see yourself as deserving the inflow of money, health and more, it will happen effortlessly. 



Need Proof?

I will tell you what happened to me 2 days ago, as proof that this really works: I have been consciously setting myself into an abundance state for about 2 weeks now. I did this specifically by wearing only my most expensive and luxurious jewellery, clothes and shoes. I was generally very relaxed and told myself that now that I look rich, I can feel rich. (I needed a physical confirmation, which made it easier to mentally move into a rich state.) So, 2 days ago, I treated myself to a relaxing day in the sun, when I got a call from work, telling me I have the day off and enjoy the weather. Now, normally I would be mad and complain as no work meant no wage. However, for the first time, I said "Okay, no problem. Thank you" and left it at that. About 3 hours later, one of my friends asked me if I had time. Since I was originally planning on working, my schedule was now free. He called me and the next thing I knew, I had a relatively large amount of money in my hand to invest. He gave it to me unconditionally. And in a blink of an eye I had made 10 times more money in a phone call than if I had worked for 10 hours. That was the proof I needed to show that first, let go. I let go of the need to work and thanked them for the extra free time they gave me. Then, already be in an abundant state, which I managed because of the sudden abundance of time I had.

The universe reflects what state you are in, and it reflected mine in the most unexpected way. The state you are in is your own choice. Outside circumstances may at times seem like they determine your state, however this is but an excuse, as you have the power to choose how you want to feel. 

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